About Me

The first phase of my career experience came from being a retail stocker broker living in Vancouver, Canada. The focus was on the junior resource markets and equity funding from small IPO’s to participation in larger fundings over $50 million dollars for the benefit of my clients. In this capacity, I learned a lot about what it takes to be successful as a public company and make my clients wealthy. As my career advanced I became a student of the market, and to this day I consider myself as a technical contrarian.

Ron Loewen | President

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My Experience

VCIQ Investments Inc. is a venture capital company that was born from the idea that I can extend my retail brokerage experience and take more of a hands-on approach with companies that have the bones for success but just need strategic advisory and support to optimize their capabilities. I look for companies involved in green energy, battery technology and energy metals such as cobalt, lithium and graphite.

Once I analyze a company, its assets and management team, I invest a significant amount of my own capital into the business. I put my own financial assets to work and actively take part in restructuring the business. Our experience combined with our professional services allow us to maximize our clients chances of being successful.

There are a lot of talented people running public companies that do the right things at the wrong time or have the right opportunities without the ability to raise capital with a limited network of people making it harder to achieve their goals. One of the worst situations for a small company is that they are run by decision makers with “no skin in the game”. This is where I come in with my capital, my technical contrarian investment strategy, and 40 years of experience to change things for the better.

Our Services

My Business Rule

My business rule is that If it's not involved in some form of the green energy movement, I’m not interested. If I am interested, through my capabilities at VCIQ Investments, I can help unlock capital for your company through myself and my network of professionals.